Application No. 9812/82
                  by S.D.
                  against the United Kingdom

        The European Commission of Human Rights sitting in private
on 4 March 1987,  the following members being present:

              MM. C. A. NØRGAARD, President
                  G. SPERDUTI
                  J. A. FROWEIN
                  G. JÖRUNDSSON
                  S. TRECHSEL
                  B. KIERNAN
                  A. S. GÖZÜBÜYÜK
                  A. WEITZEL
                  J. C. SOYER
                  H. G. SCHERMERS
                  H. DANELIUS
                  H. VANDENBERGHE
                  F. MARTINEZ

              Mr.  H. C. KRÜGER Secretary to the Commission

        Having regard to Article 25 of the Convention for the
Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms;

        Having regard to the application introduced on 21 April 1982
by S.D. against the United Kingdom and registered on
23 April 1982 under file N° 9812/82;

        Having regard to the report provided for in Rule 40 of the
Rules of Procedure of the Commission;

        Having deliberated;

        Decides as follows:


        The applicant is a citizen of the Philippines, born in 1950
and lawfully settled in the United Kingdom since 1975, having entered
the United Kingdom in 1970.

        She is represented before the Commission by the North
Islington Law Centre.

        The applicant originally complained to the Commission of the
refusal of British immigration authorities to allow her Filipino
husband to join her in the United Kingdom.  She invoked Articles 3, 8
and 14 of the Convention.

        Following the communication of the application to the
respondent Government, pursuant to Rule 42 para. 2 (b) of the
Commission's Rules of Procedure, and the Commission's Report (12.5.83)
and the judgment (28.5.85) of the European Court of Human Rights in
the test case of Mmes Abdulaziz, Cabales and Balkandali v. the United
Kingdom, the respondent Government reviewed the applicant's case.

        On 8 January 1986 the Government informed the Commission that
the applicant's husband had been granted entry clearance for admission
to the United Kingdom.  On 5 March 1986 the applicant's
representatives informed the Commission that the applicant would wish
to withdraw her case once her legal expenses were met.  On 30 October
1986 the Government informed the Commission that it agreed to pay
£575 (inclusive of V.A.T.) in full and final settlement of the
applicant's legal costs claim.  On 18 November 1986 the applicant's
representatives confirmed the applicant's wish to withdraw her case.


        The Commission notes that the applicant's complaint has now
been resolved by the grant of entry clearance to her husband to join
her in the United Kingdom.  It also notes the parties' agreement on
legal costs.  The Commission considers that there are no reasons of a
general character affecting the observance of the Convention which
necessitate the further retention of this case.  The Commission,
therefore, accedes to the applicant's request to withdraw her

        For these reasons, the Commission


Secretary to the Commission           President of the Commission

      (H.C. KRÜGER)                            (C.A. NØRGAARD)