Microgaming Online Casinos for UK players

Microgaming is a famous software developer brand that generates various online casino games. The company’s home base is the Isle of Man although the games are vastly spread in the UK. They run their games via their own outlets or license them to other casino operators. Check the Best microgaming online casinos at top5microgamingcasinos.co.uk

Since 1994 when they came up with the first online casino game Microgaming has become the world’s leading software gaming provider. Over 900 games have been created so far and licensed to a multitude of casinos respectively. The most renown ones are: slots, poker, table games, bingo and keno, lottery, sports betting etc.

The recent invention that Microgaming came up with which has a huge success among UK players are the live games like live poker or live roulette. What makes them amazing is the fact that the British player can face an opponent in real time which means he or she can interact with a real time dealer via a live streaming video broadcast from anywhere in the world.

All of this is now possible thanks to Microgaming’s advanced graphics and software. It now provides games in Flash version or those can be downloaded directly. Recently they have also started releasing games in HTML5 format for grater compatibility. The in-browser version for such games loads extremely fast yet offers the same features as the downloadable one.

One of such software platforms is Viper, available for download at any Microgaming casino. Here, skill level management is enabled so that the British player can enjoy the game at their own level of skill.

Another good thing about Micrigaming is the variety of payment methods as well as the level of technological security provided. Real money and play money options are both available.

Being one of the founders of the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulations and Assurance (eCOGRA) board Microgaming, as an organization, contributed directly to the creating of main the safety standards and rules. By certifying a casino they automatically guarantee its trustworthiness to a British player.

As a result, one can experience the same emotions as if they were to be at a land based casino whilst playing an online Microgaming game.

Microgaming Jackpots – the most famous in the world

Microgaming Jaspots have become so huge simply because they are the biggest on market for now. Also maybe because rumor has it that around ten players have already become instant millionaires by playing this specific game and circa 200 Mil Pounds were won among 6000 players so far. The numbers seem promising to the newcomers and add to Microgaming Jackpot’s’ fame.

Microgaming slots – always evolving

Equaly with the slots games, Microgaming always tried to make them unique and not just better versions of themselves in the past but entirely new games with futuristic features.

First, the always improved bonus features are the ones that attract the main interest among the UK players.

Secondly, the British player can self-audit their own slot game, something he or she can’t do anywhere else but here at Microgaming. This unique feature is called “Play Check facility” and via it only, one will be able to review every session they have played, spin by spin.

The payouts offered by Microgaming in slot games variate: from low value to midsized and up to huge winnings.

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